The relationship between Liturgy and Catechesis

Want to know the how and why to liturgical primacy in catechesis? Check out my latest article that pulls from both Benedict XVI and Francis to articulate the church’s theology…CLICK HERE!

Thank you Homiletic and Pastoral Review for publishing it!

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3 thoughts on “The relationship between Liturgy and Catechesis

  1. Brandon, I just read your article at HP review. Very good presentation, and well documented! Indeed, there is a problem. I sense that a huge missed opportunity in many parishes is the homily. All priests were taught homiletics, and seminarians start out doing it well. Writing an effective homily takes time and prayerful reflection; writing a sermon takes time and research. But pastors these days spend so much time administering the temporal affairs of the parish, they have inadequate time to prepare an effective homily. Consequently, a prime opportunity for catechesis is missed. One solution would be for bishops to provide talking points or outlines for priests, thereby cutting down on homily prep time. Another solution would be to entrust temporal administration to persons other than priests and bishops. God bless!

    • It is so true! Do you think that some priests don’t realize the importance of time spent on such things over having a lay person handle the operational stuff? Or does it just happen by accident? What do you think?

      • Brandon, I think virtually all priests and bishops know the priorities quite well–certainly all my classmates did. But, in many cases, the governing duty gradually begins to overshadow the teaching and sacerdotal duties. Perhaps this is inevitable in the present parochial structure in which the pastor is ultimately responsible for all that happens in the parish. It might be useful for bishops to restructure parish government so that each parish has a lay administrator with real decision-making and budgetary authority, answerable to the bishop and not to the pastor. This would relieve the pastor of operational duties, thereby enabling him to limit his governing duties to the spiritual life of the parish and to discharge his teaching and sacerdotal duties more efficiently. God bless you and yours!

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